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New Year´s Eve 12 grapes

Over a century ago the farmers of the Vinalpo valley one year had an over production of grapes . They decided to create a new fashion which spread all over Spain. This has now become a national tradition, which consists in eatiing one berry at a time at each stoke of the midnight church bells that announce the New Year. It is beleived that he who is able to finish the 12 grapes will be blessed with luck throughout that year, being emblematic all over the country.

Today, after so many years, these grapes, (Aledo Variety) are still prepared for this special date.

When this tradition reached Madrid, other grape producing countries tried to áccount for`starting this. But the only grapes that were picked at that season throughout Spain were exclusively the variety bagged Aledo from the Vinalopo valley. Obviously, at that time the Refrigerating Chambers did not exist to enable their preservation. The bagging system was the only way to harvest at that time of year, (if not bagged, the grapes would ripen way before New Year´s Eve and would have to be picked even if the weather were good and did not freeze before this date, which occurred in most of the vineyards of the country. In this case, the grapes would not be good.
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If you wish to eat the authentic 12 grapes of New Year´s Eve you must know that the variety is ALEDO (medium size berry,sweet and golden).

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