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Grape Variety

The grapes we grow permit us to pick the fresh fruit during the long term season. Fruit that is picked daily being of high quality.

We detail below the different varieties together with their harvesting date.

VICTORIA: This variety is the earliest one picked which is at the end of the month of July up to the end of the month of August. This is a large berry grape with a white-yellowish colour.

RED GLOBE: It is a dark red variety of grapes and very large berries.Harvested at the beginning of the month of August up to end of November.

IDEAL: (Also known as Italian Muscatel). Together with the varieties Aledo and Rosseti, these three varieties are bagged. Their beautiful golden berries are large and very tasty, Ideal is picked at the beginning of September up to the end of December.

ROSSETI: (Also known as Doņa Maria). This variety has large clusters, big golden berries and a very sweet taste. It is harvested from the beginning of October up to mid November.

ALEDO: This variety is the latast one which is used for the 12 berries of New Yearīs Eve, The grape clusters are large and golden with medium sized sweet berries. We pick this variety from the end of November up to the beginniing of January.

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