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´Frutas Ivet´is a family enterprise with a trajectory in production, marketing and sales dealing with table grapes. This is our third generation dedicated to the growing of grapes. We have therefore come a long way. We are located in Monforte del Cid (Alicante), the heart of the bagged grapes of the Vinalopo valley. We have been gifted with a special microclimate for grapes of different varieties: Rosseti, Ideal (Italia) and Aledo. We also harvest other kinds, which are not bagged such as Red Globe and Victoria.

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Our yearly production varies between 300 and 400 tons. We distrubute our produce in different packing systems, trying always to meet the requirements of each client.

Our selection is also very strict as to the quality of our fruit. The first quality control begins in the open fields. Once taken to our warehouse, the grapes are´cleaned´by cutting off each low quality berry. Our last quality selection process is during packing.

Due to all these reasons, our clients are sure to buy first choice under all the sanitary controls required. We also follow up on our product and we meet our client´s requirements in relation to all the ´´sanitary spraying´products used at each farm so we can determine what products have been used in each delivery, each crate or even each bunch.

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